1991-2016 – The Review Celebrates 25 Years

The Review SEpt 2016
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The September issue of The Review (formerly Advertising & Marketing Review) will complete 25 years of publishing under the CSC Publishing banner and under the direction of Publisher Ken Custer. October 1991 was the first issue with the goal of supporting the many advertising and marketing related organizations in Colorado, providing pertinent features for the industry, news and notes of people and events and a calendar of organization meetings and events. Through the years we have gone from print to digitally online, from some color to full color and now into the future.

How it all started

Advertising & Marketing Review was first published in 1977 by Bob Brown and Willa Brown (then Executive Director of the Denver Ad Federation) when they converted the Ad Club’s monthly newsletter, Denvertising to Rocky Mountain Advertising & Marketing Review. The plan at the time was to publish a magazine that covered the Rocky Mountain West with a special section for the Denver Ad Club. Not long after starting the magazine Bob suffered a stroke and was unable to continue as a one-man publisher. With a lot of help from Ad Club members, Willa carried on for a short time but the load was too much and the publication was sold to Weststates Publishing who maintained the magazine until 1991 when CSC Publishing was formed and acquired all rights including Colorado MAC News formerly published by A&M Review columnist, Tom Mulvey. Now, 25 years later, we continue into the digital age.

The Tom Mulvey Influence

The Review has chronicled many of the monumental changes in the advertising and marketing industry over the past 25 years but there have been a few things that remained consistent. From 1991 to 2008, Tom Mulvey’s MulveyMemo was a major part of the magazine. Tom had the ability to find tidbits of news about people, promote special events and sometimes express opinions about the industry. He was instrumental in forming the MetroDenverDinosaurs, the Broadcast Pioneers of Colorado and keeping the history of advertising in Colorado alive. His passing in 2013 was a great loss, not only to The Review but the entire advertising community.

The Organizations

Another consistent over the years has been the support of all the advertising and marketing related organizations, many of them placing their newsletters in the publication. At various time this has included the Colorado chapters of the Business Marketing Association, American Marketing Association, Denver Advertising Federation, Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association, Colorado Film & Video Association, Public Relations Society of America, Sales & Marketing Executives, New Denver Ad Club, Printing Industry Colorado, and Denver Press Club. Some of the most ardent supporters of the magazine were the Executive Directors of the organizations. Willa Brown of the DAF, Marilee Yorchak of BMA and Sandi Rhynard and Mary Shaw of RMDMA were excellent advisors and friends through the years. Other supporting organizations The Review has covered include, Art Directors Club of Denver, American Institute of Graphic Arts, American Society of Media Photographers, Colorado Broadcaster Association, Colorado Healthcare Communicators, Broadcast Pioneers of Colorado, Printing Industry of America Mountain States, International Television Association, Women in Cable, Women in Film, Video & Television Association of Women in Communication and International Association of Business Communicators. Unfortunately not all of these organizations are still operating today, another sign of the changing industry.

Going digital

In 2010, The Review began the transition from print to digital online. Steve Stone, Options Multimedia developed a page-turn program that allowed readers to go online and read each issue as if it were printed. The Review went totally online in 2011. The Advertising & Marketing Review Services Directory started as the Denver Advertising Federation membership directory and the listings paid for the printing. After the DAF closed, the Directory went online and is still publishing annually. In 2010 Elevated Third developed The Review first website that proved to be excellent until September 2016 when the new website, developed by Kickass Marketing and Creative, went online.

The Advertisers

The Review has always been advertiser supported. Looking through 25 years of magazines, the advertisers no longer in business reflect the changes in the industry. There was a full list of prepress houses that are now gone and only a hand full of the printers that remain. Most of the video and post-production houses are still in business but concentrating more on program production than commercial production. The illustrators and graphic artists are more involved with web development. Of the big three photo labs in Denver, Pallas, ProLab and Reed, Reed is the only survivor doing large format graphics. Long time advertisers that are still in The Review are Crew Connection, PayReel and The Creative Group.

The Features

Every month, The Review has a feature on a topic pertinent to the industry. Experts in specific phases of the business wrote most of these features. Over the years these features reflect the changes in the industry. Titles like “Desktop Publishing”, “The Information Highway”, “Advertising on the Internet” and “Using Direct Mail” have now been replaced with “The Best Use of LinkedIn”, “Measuring Your Social Marketing” and “Going Mobile.”
Perennial features have included the ASMP Photo Annual in the May issue that started in 1993 and ran through 2001. The December issue has featured the Best of Show winners from all of the organization award shows. Since 1998, the January issue has featured a panel of advertising executives, media or creative directors discussing the year ahead and what to expect. Special features by Tom Mulvey included “Denver Radio Turns 80” and ”50 years of Denver Television.” Special features celebrated the 50th Anniversaries of BMA, AMA and PRSA.


In 1994 Glen Emerson Morris started provided a column “Advertising & the Internet” now titled “Convergence”. His predictions of coming tools, programs and use of the Internet for advertising have mostly come true. Many times he has chastised companies, government and ideas for changes made or just bad ideas, and in most cases he has been right on with his remarks. Other columns have been provided by individuals detailing specific needs for the industry. One such feature on Hispanic Marketing by Laura Sonderup of Hispanidad, lead to sponsoring successful seminars on the subject under Laura’s leadership.

The Staff

The Review has a virtual staff of creative professionals that contribute to the publication. The original design of the publication was created by Bobbi Benson, Benson Communications. There have been three re-designs over the years by Teri Jones Creativeworks in 1997, Peter Davis and Brad Fixler of Fixler & Davis in 2003, and the current format by Pam Norton-Shelpuk and staff at Activate Brands started in 2010. Many of the covers have been created by some of Colorado’s leading graphic designers such as Charlie Casper of Lakewood Graphics; Laurie Shields, Laurie Shields Design; and Carleen Clearwater, Kickass Marketing and Creative.


In the summer of 1995 Marilee Yorchak, Christine Cook and I met at lunch and discussed the fact that the organizations were inactive for the summer and there needed to be a networking opportunity. All the organizations were contacted and they agreed to have a party. SummerToast was born. Coors volunteer to host the event at their courtesy bar in Golden. The crowd was anticipated to be 200. 400 showed up and the event was great success and grew steadily from there. Eventually it was too big for volunteers to handle and in 2005 Sandra Murray, Contagious Media got involve and later was hired and grew the event to 1000 marketers attending each year. A&M Review remained as a sponsor for all 20 years.

The Future

From print to digital to ???. Who knows what format is coming in the future or how it will be delivered. There is a need to fill the niche providing information about the advertising, marketing and media business in Colorado and the organizations that support the industry. How, what and who will provide this information will be determined as time goes by. For my part, I want to thank all of those that have supported the magazine over the last 25 years and look forward to the coming years.

With 25 years of News & Notes, organization events and features we could continue writing enough to fill a book.  But, as wisely said, a picture is worth a thousand words, so click here and enjoy pictures picked at random from various issues. Names are included where known.

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