From the Alfalfa Club to the Digital Age: Bits and Pieces About Advertising in Colorado

The Review August 2016
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Since the trappers and gold seekers first arrived in what is now the state of Colorado, there has been advertising in some form or another. Early newspapers, posters and wall paintings were part of the history.

It was 1891 when a band of pioneer advertising professionals saw a need to set some standards and have some controls and honesty in the profession. Together they formed the Alfalfa Club and elected Frank Irwin Carruthers, then Advertising Manager of The Denver Post, as its first president. Popular dinner meeting spots at the time were The Mining Exchange Saloon, St. James and Windsor Hotels. For lunches, Quincy Bar was a favorite. As was later stated by Ad Club member, Cecil Conner, “It seems that the pioneer members were almost as concerned with their beverage capacities as they were with the technical aspects of the profession.”

The Alfalfa Club soon became The Advertising Club of Denver and in 1961 celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the organization with a banquet at the Denver Hilton Hotel on May 25, 1961. There were cocktails at 7PM, dinner at 8PM at a cost of $4.00 per person. The club published an anniversary book that recapped the history of the organization and is the source for much of what follows. Some of the names that contributed to the book include Hal Haney, Co-editor, Condit Advertising Art, Ariel Parker for going back in history and creating “Ad Tails,” Numa James, M.D. Marlow and Cecil Conner, guardian of the archives. Some members of the anniversary committee included Al Fisbeck, Chairman, Myron Eckberg, Malcolm Sills, and Harold Storm, Jr. The book is divided into decades.

Decade 1 – 1891-1900

Official flower of the club has been voted to be “alfalfa”, and a song has been adopted as the club’s  official song composed by A. Hay Seed.

Frank Carruthers began his duties as Advertising Manger of the Denver Republican.

Notice in an ad for a new talking machine: It is guaranteed to be “Twice a loud as any other.”

As reported in the Denver Republican on June 8 1895:

The members of the Alfalfa Club together with a number of friends celebrated the “1895th” anniversary of the discovery of alfalfa” at the Windsor Hotel last evening. As usual alfalfa was largely in evidence, the banquet table being profusely decorated with bouquets of the beautiful arid product.

Decade 2 – 1901-1910

From the Denver Republic, March 2, 1910

At a meeting of the Denver Advertising Association, the youngest commercial body of the city, at the Savoy last night, the following permanent officers were elected: President, R.B Heartz; First Vice President, Paul E. Richter; Second Vice President, James A Curran; Secretary and treasurer, Fred C. Zimmerman.

We are pleased to announce the founding this year of the Great Western Sugar Company.

The Alfalfa Club became the Adscript Club and the membership grew steadily with meetings held at the Chamber of Commerce in 1910. Luncheon saw speakers who gave valuable help. Programs featured vivisections of advertising copy; faults were put under the analytical microscope and the pulling points of ads, mainly local, were exposed.

“Haynes” cars are now selling for $3000.00

Decade 3 – 1911-1920

S.C. Dobbs of the Associated Advertising Clubs of America and advertising executive of the Coca Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, and W. B. Cherry, vice-president of the Association of American Advertisers, from Syracuse New York, came to Denver and were royally entertained on a steamboat one mile above sea level the evening of June 20 with dinner at which the piece de resistance was Rocky Mountain trout. The filet mignon with Bordelaise sauce was Colorado raised beef tenderloin, the potatoes au gratin were Colorado grown, so were the sugar peas; everything in the menu, down to the strawberry parfait, was of Colorado origin. The dinner was on the deck of the steamboat “Frolic” at Luna Park, a Denver amusement resort, which possessed a good-sized lake. An orchestra played during the meal which, in the light of prices today, it will be interesting to know cost to the Denver ad men and their ladies was $1.25 a plate!

By the year 1917, when the United States entered the First World War, the Advertising Club of Denver had grown to such strength and importance; it had its own special train to the National Associated clubs convention, held that year in St. Louis. A regiment of boys from Colorado was in training for service in Europe at Fort Riley, Kansas. The train carried two baggage cars filled with pies, doughnuts, cakes, oranges and other treats, and 1500 cartons of cigarettes for distribution to these sons of the Centennial State. Other baggage cars carried tens of thousands of souvenirs advertising Colorado, to hand out in St. Louis.  The nationally famous Denver band, the George W. Cook Drum and Fife Corps, 76 members in red, white, and gold uniform, went along to furnish the stirring music that had been a part of every convention of consequence held in the nation for a quarter of a century. The Army authorities released from duty the Colorado regiment the day that the train reached Fort Riley. The brass band from the Fort was at the depot to welcome the ad men from Denver. Twenty big army trucks were lined up to take the Colorado men in the Army the goodies from home.

Governor – later Senator – Capper proclaimed Colorado Day at Topeka, the states capitol; all stores were closed; the ad men paraded with the drum and fife corps and distributed thousands of pieces of Colorado literature to the crowds lining the streets. The train continued on to St. Louis and the convention.

Decade 4 – 1921-1930

1921 Fitzsimmons General Hospital was established


Denver is to be congratulated on inaugurating an airmail service to connect with planes flying east and west from Cheyenne.

The International ad men’s convention was held in Denver. The visitors were given their choice of a trout dinner at the beautiful Stanley Hotel and tour of Rocky Mountain National Park or a trip and dinner through the recently completed Moffat Tunnel. Most chose the tunnel and the only illumination for the meal in the tunnel were candles stuck in beer bottles and the miners’ menu included sowbelly, baked beans, pie and coffee


Denver’s recently opened airport is to known as Stapleton Airfield.

Decade 5 – 1931-1940


The Advertising Club of Denver held its meetings in the Cosmopolitan Hotel every Tuesday at 12:10PM, Samuel R. McKelvie, Publisher of the Nebraska Farmer and former Nebraska Governor, spoke to the members on “Small Town America.”


Denver Ad Club membership increased to 90 members.

Decade 6 – 1041-1950


Lt. Betty Taylor gave a strong appeal at an Ad Club meeting to aid in the recruiting of women to serve in the medical department of the Women’s Auxiliary.

“A Walkie-Talkie For Everyone” was the address by Robert S. Hudson , Rocky Mountain Radio Council at a meeting Chaired by Mark Schreiber  of KMYR.

The 1944 Christmas Party was held at the Park Hill Country Club with food music, entertainment, corsages for the ladies and prizes. Cost – $2.00 per plate plus tax.

Ad Club members were invited to attend the cornerstone-laying of DU’s Civic Center Campus.

Bill Barker joined the Mountain Empire Magazine of the Denver Post.

Bill Chenoweth replaced Irv Rosen at the May Company.

Gene O’Fallon predicted that Denver would not get television until 1952.

Decade 7 – 1951-1960


Alberta Pike opened her own agency and handled the publicity for Denver’s new art Theatre the “Vogue.”

Gene Amole, KMYR, did a daily radio show, “Meet me at12:30” man-on-the-street program for Spray Coffee.


The Ad Club moved out of the Park Lane Hotel for its weekly meetings.

Ad Club Presidents included Clair Henderson, Numa James, Ed Porter, Lee Fondren, Bill Prescott, Lewis Cobb, Malcolm Grover, Al Ross, Bud Hilker and Jim Austin.

The following are excerpts from the “This Month in History” column in The Review that starting appearing in 2012. See how many of the names you recognize. If it’s more than half, like me, you have been in the business too long.


The Advertising Club of Denver held their final meeting for the club year on May 22 and the invitation read: Come and Relax while These Stars Entertain Us – RAY PERKINS, KFEL: TOM MCDERMOTT, KOA; “RED” ALLEN, KLZ…. The four-page newsletter was mailed with a 1-cent stamp


The Ad Club of Denver December 13 meeting featured GENE AMOLE of KMYR Radio”…. Officers of Ad Club Denver included CLAIR HENDERSON, Arthur Rippey & Co., President; NUMA JAMES, Rocky Mountain News, First Vice President; and LEE FONDREN, KLZ Radio, Treasurer…. The Ad Club Denver nominations for the coming year included: NUMA JAMES, President; ED PORTER, 1st VP; LEE FONDREN, 2nd VP; MARGARET HARVEY, Women’s VP; and LEWIS COBB, Treasurer; New Directors are CLAIR HENDERSON, FRANK KARSH, TOM AXELSEN, ED KOEPKE, WILLIAM KOSTKA and MARIAN ROBERTSON.


Some of the Ad Club committee chairs included DON GARRETT, WILLIAM KOSTKA, JAMES HOLME, CLAIR HENDERSON, WILLIAM PRESCOTT, CY PENLEY and WILLIAM CHENOWITH…. Ad Club Programs for January included presentations by Alexander Film Co. and State Senators FRANK GILL and BEN BEZOFF.


BILL KOSTKA was elected Western Region VP of the Public Relations Corp. … Among Ad of the Year winners for radio was Denver & Rio Grande R.R., agency Axelsen Advertising, Account Exec, MALCOLM SILLS.,,, The Cocktail and dinner party for the women of Ad Club was held at the Cactus Club, 440 14th St. with all you could eat and drink for $3.00 ….The National Convention of Travel Organizations awarded Colorado “The Best Travel Poster of the Year”, a 28” X 42”, 4/C, “Ski Colorado” with art by BILL CONDIT and lithography by A.B. Hirschfeld Press.


On hand for the filming of a TV commercial for Adolf Coors were representatives of the Coors agency, Kostka, Bakewell and Fox, JACK HULL and REVILL FOX…. MARK SCHREIBER was chosen as one speakers at the annual convention of the National Editorial Association…. An A.A.W. convention special train headed for Salt Lake City included ad clubbers and spouses Hendersons, Kostkas, Fondrens, Austins, Wells and Prescott


Among the list of “Ad-of-the-Year Awards” were: Radio Commercial – The Colorado National Bank, BRUCE ROCKWELL PR Director; Prescott & Pilz, Agency; STARR YELLAND, narration. TV Commercial – Adolph Coors Co., Ad Director, BILL MOOMEY; Agency, Rippey, Henderson, Kostka; Account Execs, REVILL J. FOX and WILLIAM KOSTKA…. KKFN Sports Radio 95, The Fan began its all sports broadcasting…. Miles Advertising won nine Gold MAME Awards from the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver…. Network Affiliates promoted SALLY RIBLEY to Media Director…. Cies Sexton added a large format digital printing service.


JACK MEFFORD was named Vice President of William Kostka & Assoc…. New accounts at Boccard, Dunshee & Jacobson include Colorado Research, Morrison Polsue and Stainless Equipment….

CARLTON SILLS, Ad Manager for Denver & Rio Grande, was elected President of the Assoc. of Railroad Advertising Managers…. ARTHUR RIPPEY, Rippey, Henderson, Buckman and MALCOM SILLS, Ball & Davidson, were named to the AAAA Council


Father son team CARLTON and MALCOLM SILLS were honored by Railroad Magazine for their Rio Grande Railroad most effective ad for freight service…. Election winners were ED SCOTT, Arapahoe County Commissioner and BILL CHENOWETH as State Senator….  Ad Club Denver surveyed members to see if they wanted to keep lunches from the Park Lane Hotel or move to the Denver Hilton or Shirley Savoy Hotel All three paces priced the lunch at $2.25.


The Advertising Club of Denver dominated the Advertising Association of the West (AAW) Convention in Seattle by wining the greatest number of awards and having a member, LEE FONDREN, elected President. AAW represents organizations in the west while the Advertising Federation of America (AFA) was primarily eastern organizations. A major resolution of the conference was to form an AAW committee to work with AFA and try to unite both organizations into one.…. MIKE MANGO, formerly of the Denver Post, became General Sales Manager at KFML Radio…. MICK SCHAFBUCH joined KOA Radio as station promotion manager…. ART KNOTT joined KHOW in the sales department…. Walter Kranz Advertising moved to 1164 Elati St…. Advertising Club of Denver Annual Nike Awards Banquet was held in the Ballroom of the Brown Palace West, Emcee was PETE SMYTHE.  Tickets were $6.00 including dinner.


Ad Club Denver had a special summer lunch at the Brown Palace. The featured speaker was COMMANDER EDWARD WHITEHEAD, President, Schweppes, USA. The lunch cost members $3.00 each…. ROBERT SCHRIENER, Capitol Engraving assumed chairmanship of the advertising for Denvertising.


Studebaker announced its production would move to Canada leaving advertisers to wonder if it was a domestic or imported car…. PRSA instituted a voluntary accreditation program… Playboy rejected an ad from Feder, maker of toupees because it didn’t fit their readers.


Schenkein Advertising, Marketing PR was selected to promote summer tourism in the Vail Valley. VP DAVID REECE headed the account team…. KHOW’s Hal & Charley were named best radio personalities in Denver Magazines readerss…. DDB Needham/Denver was selected to provide advertising, PR and event promotion for the Denver Grand Prix.


JAY CLARY, Gannett/Colorado, named Market Manager for Gannett, Michigan/Flint…. LORI CAPISTRANO and HEATHER HAYDEN joined Kinzley Hughes…. The Packaging Store appointed BILL HERR Director of Advertising & Promotions…. TIMOTHY LEIWEKE, Senior VP of the Nuggets announced that Barnhart Advertising was named agency of record for the team…. Seven members of the Colorado Chapter of B/PAA received their CBC Certification. Included were TOM BEHNKE, BILL HERR, JIM KATZEL, LENI LAMBERT, MARK STORZ, DEBORAH WALLER and JEANNE ZAEMES.


Reich Communications was named to handle all radio placements for KDVR TV31…. KCNC-TV announced that REYNELDA MUSE signed a five year extension to her contract as News4 at Noon Anchor along with DAVID CRABTREE and MARTY MATHEWS and the 6:30PM News with ED GREENE and JOHN FERRUGIA.


DAVID ARISS was appointed Director of Sales and Marketing at G.A. Wright Direct Marketing …. Brozena & Schaller announced the formation of the I/O Communications Network…. KMGH-TV7 General Manager JOHN PROFITT announced that Thomas & Perkins was to develop an advertising campaign designed to enhance viewership…. The Regional Transportation District named McClain Finlon and Burks, Romero, Esposito as agencies…. The Johnston Group and Wells Communications merge to form JohnstonWells PR…. MIKE SCHERER was named President of Gannett Outdoor Denver….MICHAEL MENAKEr joined Brozena and Schaller as Director of Marketing…. Tallant La Pointe & Partners (formerly Tallent/Yates) is now Baum Arensmeier & Talent Inc…. “SWEDE” JOHNSON, VP Corporate Affairs at Coors, was elected Charter President of the Red Rocks Community College Board of Directors.


FRANK MATSON, President of Colorado Production Group, announced the addition of ANN FOX as Creative Director…. U.S West and Lundwall Creative won Best of Show at the IABC Bronze Quill Awards…. The Colorado Chapter of PRSA elected JEFF JULIN, MGA Communications, as President…. DAN BOYD was elected for his third consecutive term as president of CFVA… GARY CHRISTLIEB was promoted to Creative Director at EvansGroup…. TRACY ULMER was named Promotion Manager at The Denver Post…. DENNIS WAKABAYASH as named Assistant Art Director at Thomas & Perkins…. The National Potato Promotion Board awarded Heintz Barton Pierson Hawkins a project…. Water World selected Barnhart Advertising as their agency with STEVE SANDER as Account Manager…. Cellular One named SHARON LINHART as the Colorado Media Relations Manager…. Elitch Gardens named Hill & Knowlton to handle their PR efforts….G.A. Wright Direct Marketing expanded its business and moved to a new 27,000 sq. foot facility at 4105 Holly St…. CHUCK BARTHOLOMEW, EvansGroup Chairman announced that Kimberly-Clark retained the agency for regional marketing efforts…. TRACY BRODRICK was promoted to VP/Media Director at Karsh & Hagan…. The Denver Broncos hired ROSEMARY HANRATTY as Marketing Director…. At the BMA Gold Key Awards, BOB SCHALLER was honored as Communicator of the Year….

BOB HARRIS, Bob Harris was voted the UNC’s marketing department’s Professor of the Year by the students…. CYNTHIA HESSIN joined KRMA-TV6 as Executive Producer of Public Affairs.


TAUSCA SCHILLACI received the Silver Medal Award from the Denver Ad Federation…. Pollack Norman Advertising moved to the Tabor Center…. VERN MALLINEN was named Vice President of Marketing at The Denver Post…. THOMAS VAIL was promoted to Director of Sales at G.A. Wright …. Network Affiliates and Reich Communications combined at 940 Wadsworth…. CHERYL SHAUL, Founder of Corporate Marketing Inc., (CMI), and staff joined the staff of Terry Barnhart & Company…. Organization electing new presidents included AIGA, JOHN SKRABEC; AMA Colorado, LAURA NELSON; BMA Colorado, DEBBIE WALLER; and RMDMA, DAVID ARISS…. 13th Street Creative, a Boulder collective was formed by TOM WILCOXEN, DEBRA JASON, MARCI RUSSO, BOB SCHRAM and ERIC MAY…. The Colorado Chapter of PRSA elected SHARON HALEY LINHART, AT&T Wireless, as President, and JANICE ROONEY, Morris Animal Foundation, as President Elect.


Peter Webb PR and Avocet Communications won the CDOT account for PR and advertising…. BRAD BAWMANN opened his own PR firm, The Bawmann Group.…. MICHAEL EHRMAN, General Manager of A.B. Hirschfeld Press, was elected President of the ‘Printing & Imaging Association Mountain States…. KATHY HAGAN opened Hagan Communications with offices in Larimer Square…. Boulder-based GD&A Advertising added Rooster Sports, Infinity Photo-Optical Company and RuggedWare as new clients….I/O Communications Network, a unit of Brozena & Schaller, named M.H. “RIP” RIPLEY as Account Supervisor…. The American Marketing Association elected MICHELLE BÉCHAMPS President,,,, The Denver Ad federation elected DAN DIAMOND as Chairman and DAVID MILES Chair-elect…. Peter Webb PR and Morey Mahoney Advertising were selected to handle the grand opening of Rodizio Grill near Southglenn Mall…. MICHAEL SHERER, President of Gannett Outdoor retired after 32 years in Denver’s outdoor…. MICHAEL MENAKER was named BMA Communicator of the Year.


TOM MULVEY formed the Colorado Chapter of the Broadcast Pioneer to preserve the history of broadcasting in Colorado…. MICHELE MESSENGER and JACK DOAK were named Denver Ad Club Pros of the Year…. LEANNA CLARK, APR, joined Schenkein/Sherman PR…. DON CANNALTE, CU Health Science Center, was presented the Swede Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award by PRSA…. CURT GOWDY spoke to the Broadcast Pioneers of Colorado charter meeting…. A&M Review Columnist, TOM MULVEY was elected to the Littleton City Council.


Thomas & Perkins purchased the 88,000 square foot Great Western Sugar building at 1530 16th…. AOR, Inc., added MATTHEW KEENEY to handle account management…. JIM  BIRSCHBACH opened Birschbach Media Sales and Marketing…. The Denver Ad Federation named VALERIE SWEITZER and TIM PRUNK as Ad Professionals of the Year and JIM BRAUN as Volunteer of the Month….Brozena & Schaller changed their name to BSM&R…. MAGGIE CHAMBERLIN, APR, named PR Director for GD&A Public Relations…. Barnhart/CMI acquired Evans Group/Denver…. Schenkein/Sherman PR promoted CHRISIN CRAMPTON DAY to VP…. GTC Nutrition named the Bawmann Group as its PR agency and Creative Commotion as its ad agency…. After 33 years in the business ART MAHONEY retired from the agency that carried his name, Morey Mahoney…. Vision Graphics of Cheyenne announced it will open a new facility at the Fort Collins/Loveland Airport Park….GBSM expanded its PR practice with the acquisition of Charney Bergner PR headed by MICHELLE CHARNEY…. CHRISTA REICH retired from Reich Communications, the media buying service she founded in 1979…. LEANN DAWSON joined Morey Mahoney Advertising a VP. Media Director…. Denver Ad Federation named LORELLE BURKE and MARY WILLIAMS volunteers of the Month…. STACY LEWIS, Creative Director at MGA Communications, was promoted to VP…. DEBRA JASON, Principal of The Write Direction, was honored with the Small Business of the Year Award by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.


Sukle Advertising and Charney/GBSM PR acquired the Noodles & Co. account…. Colorado Production Group added Producer/Photographer/Editor DAN FOX to the staff…. The Colorado Tourism Board awarded its $3 million advertising account to Praco Ltd, Colorado Springs…. TV Temps, a payroll service for the TV and film industry changed its name to Payreel…. Denver Transit Advertising and Lamar Outdoor joined forces as Lamar Transit Advertising with BETH STEWART the primary contact…. SAM LUSKY, ISABELLE HOLMES and DUSTY SAUNDERS were voted into the Denver Journalism Hall of Fame…. The Broadcast Pioneers of Colorado inducted GENE AMOLE, HARRY HOTH, REYNELDA MUSE and GENE O’FALLON into the BPC Hall of Fame…. The American Society of Media Photographers elected TOMAS DEL AMO as President.


MatchLogic hired TIM PRUNK as President…. DOUG KINZLEY turned the reins of the DAF over to JOHN SCRABEC…. The BMA Gold Key Awards awarded Best of Show to MGA Communications and honored RIP RIPLEY as Communicator of the Year…. BOB SCHENKEIN, President of Schenkein PR, was elected to the executive committee of Pinnacle Worldwide…. The Art Directors Club of Denver elected the 2000 board with JONATHAN PITE, Creative Director at Carl Thompson, as Chairman of the Board and BRANDT WILKINS, Principal of Williams Street Studio, as President… Gleason/Calise of Dallas and Reich Media of Denver join forces as Gleason Calise West with offices in Denver headed by EILEEN WEINERT,… Karsh & Hagan Communications attained the Colorado Lottery account after a two-month review competing against McClain Finlon Advertising


The Denver Ad Fed recognized NANCY HAVEN, InLine Media and TOM TUCKER, T&R Graphic Imaging, as Ad Pros of the Year…. WILLA BROWN stepped down as mentor and ambassador of the Denver Ad Federation after nearly 40 years with the organization…. G.A. Wright named WILLIAM ROTH, President; and DONNA FURMAN and THOMAS VAIL as VPs…. POCKY MARRANZINO received the Denver Ad Federation Silver Medal Award…. U.S, Medical, Inc. named KAY VOLKAMA as Director of Marketing and VALERIE SWITZER as Public Relations Manager…. O’Brien Advertising added the historic Brown Palace Hotel to their client roster…. KAREN SUTHERLAND was named Communicator of the Year by the Business Marketing Association…. The IABC Bronze Quill Best of Show winners were CHRIS NELSON, J.D. Edwards, and MARIA ROBINSON, First Trust Corporation…. The American Marketing Association Gold Peak Awards Best of Show honors went to Carmichael Lynch Spong.


MIKE LANDESS returned to KMGH-TV as Co-Anchor with ANN TRUIJILLO on 7News…. Morey Mahoney Advertising changed the agency name to Morey Evans…. DAVID EMRICH, Post Modern President, moved the company to the Ballpark District at 2734 Walnut…. IABC Colorado elected KERBY MEYERS, The Communications Refinery, as President…. The Rocky Mountain Injury Prevention Consortium selected Ryden & Assoc. as their agency…. TOM BOTELHO was promoted to Senior VP Marketing at the Denver News Paper Agency…. BOB TABOR, President of Thomas & Tabor, was elected Chairman of the Western Region of the American Advertising Federation…. Frontier Airlines selected Sterling Rice Group to provide strategic brand and research services…. The American Humane Association selected Monigle Associates to update their brand identity…. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) selected Cordy & Company to implement its annual seat belt awareness campaign for African Americans…. Recently formed Thomas Taber Advertising announced that MIKE DRAZEN joined the firm and the company name changed to Thomas Taber & Drezen…. LAURIE ANDERSON, President of Anderson PR, was elected PR Chair of the Denver Tech Center Business Professional Women Network.


JANE DVORAK was elected President of the Colorado PRSA chapter…. Griff Advertising & PR merged with Strategic Medical Communications to form Griff/SMC…. FRED VON PINGLE named DAF Unsung Hero…. GD&A Advertising & PR launched Armada Medical Marketing…. The Integer Group name FERNANDO ARRIOLA as VP/Director of Media…. The PRSA Annual Gold Pick Best of Show Award went to Vail Resorts and MICHAEL GAUGHAN received the Swede Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award…. BRUCE GOLDBERG joined the Denver Business Journal as Associate Editor in charge of the Newspaper’s strategies section…. SU HAWK was named President of the Colorado Software and Internet Association…. Launch Advertising represented JOHN HICKENLOOPER in his run for Denver Mayor, the only local candidate that used a local agency… Colorado Healthcare Communicators named RAMONNA TOOLEY as President…TOM COSTNER, Senior Account Supervisor at BSM&R, received the G.D. Crain Award from Business Marketing Association International…. AAA Colorado selected Cameron, Christopher Thomas Advertising to create all brand and promotional communications for the association…. The Colorado American Marketing Association Grand Peak Award went to Peak Creative Media…. Lee Reedy Creative was chosen to represent Southern California’s Orange County Fair…. Explore Communications moved its offices to 1900 Wazee St. in LoDo.


The Westin Tabor Center selected PRACO PR and Advertising as its agency….VALERIE SWITZER appointed to the Board of Directors for the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities by Governor Owens…. Barnhart/CMI acquired Charney Bergner & Holdren PR…. SUE BERANEK named VP Marketing at Champps Restaurants.…. SU RYDEN was honored with the “Women Making a Difference-Unsung Heroes” Award at the Aurora Chamber Women in Business Breakfast…. Frontier Airlines named ANDREW HUDSON Senior Director Corporate Communications & Marketing…. NORM SHEARER was named Creative Director at Cactus Marketing Communications…. JON PUSHKIN was elected President of Colorado PRSA…. CHARLES MCKAY was named Sales Manager at Keyline Graphics…. The Colorado American Marketing Association elected DEIRDRE MARTEL as President…. 20 year advertising agency veterans GREGG BERGAN and DAN IGOE announce the launch of a new agency, Pure Brand Communications…. Sunturn, an Avaya value-added reseller named Ayers PR as its agency of record…. JOE CONRAD, Cactus Communications, announced the agency’s move to 2128 15th St…. STACY LEWIS launched Stacy Lewis Strategy, Branding and Creative Consultancy.


Thayer Media added CHERLY AHLBRANDT as VP Account Management…. Two longtime Denver printers, L&M Printing and Pressworks merged…. The 20th Annual Admissions Advertising Awards bestowed multiple wins on O’Brien Advertising for their work with Regis University ….  Praco PR Advertising celebrated its 35 Anniversary as the oldest privately held agency in Colorado…. NANCY BARLOW, Barlow Advertising & Design, was named President of the Board of the Rocky Mountain SCI Network…. The Regional Air Quality Council selected JohnstonWells PR and Launch Advertising to assist with an Ozone education program… PATTY KINGSBAKER and KATHEY TRUE opened the doors of Radical Artists Agency…. ROGER OGDEN was named President of the Gannett Company Broadcast Division…. BMA Colorado announced they were named Chapter of the Year by BMA International for the 13th time in the last 15 years…. The Denver Advertising Federation Board of Directors announced that the organization officially ceased operation on December 15, 2004 due to financial difficulties…. Hunt Vincent Advertising was awarded the Silver Microphone for its work with the Osborn Automotive Group and its ad “Jaws of Life.”


GroundFloor Media promoted the first ever Special Olympics with a national PR campaign… Chipotle Mexican Grill named TDA Advertising & Design is its agency…. JohnstonWells PR acquired Center Reach Communications previously owned by TRACY AIELLO… Thayer Media was elected to membership in the American Association of Advertising Agencies.… KEVIN SHAND named interim Colorado State Film Commissioner…. Boston Market partnered with Cameron Christopher Thomas for a rebranding launch…. Henry Wurst commercial printer signed a long-term lease for an 88,400 square foot location at 5000 Osage Street…. Former Denver Bronco, REGGIE RIVERS, joined CBS4-KCNC-TV as weekend sports anchor….PAUL RAAB joined Linhart McClain Finlon as Senior VP…. Five Denver radio stations were acquired by Lincoln Financial Media including KYGO, KQKS, KJCD, KKFN and KCKK.


ANN TRUJILLO was named KMGH-TV7’s 10PM weeknight news co-anchor…. RICHARD BUCHANAN was named Vice President of Operations at Comcast Media Center…. PRACO PR & Advertising named MEREDITH VAUGHAN as Executive Vice President and a partner…. The New Denver Ad Club elected officers and set the organization’s mission that incudes six interest pods, creative, media, management & integration, brand strategy/research, production and AD2…. Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association Executive Director, SANDY RHYNARD, turned the reins over to MARY SHAW after serving the organization for eight years.


Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association presented the Eagle Awards with DAVE ARISS Direct Marketer of the Year, JEFF FINKELSTEIN Best Service Provider, National CineMedia Best Partnership with RMDMA Vendors and RACHEL SIMPSON the Creative Person of the Year…. 280 people attended the New Denver Ad Club Top 50 Show at Mile High Station…. STEVE SANDER joined Mayor JOHN HICKENLOOPER’S administration as Denver’s new Marketing Director…. MGA Communications President, JEFFREY JULIN has taken the helm as PRSA Chair and CEO…. Colorado Production Group (CPG) merged with Citizen Pictures to create one company operating under the Citizen Pictures brand…. Customer Insight Group added Ruby Tuesday as a client…. Pizza Inn chose TDA Advertising & Design as its agency…. VICOR Restaurants Owner, of Village Inn and Baker’s Square restaurants, named Groundfloor Media as its national agency.


Denver Center Theatre hired Cactus as agency of record to grow the company’s brand…. Linhart PR added KELLY JANHUNEN as a partner joining Founder SHARON LINHART, PAUL RAAB, Senior VP and CARRI CLEMENTS, CFO…. HEIDI MCCLEAN and her company The Crew Connection celebrated their 20th Anniversary…. SANDRA MURRAY of Contagious Media and SAM ALLEN, Sam Allen Productions, combined to enhance arborist/landscaper Mountain High’s Web presence…. The coveted American Advertising Federation Silver Medal Award was presented to STEVE SANDER at a New Denver Ad Club luncheon…. Cordillera Energy selected AOR, Inc. to design and develop their corporate brand and website…. Catapult PR-IR celebrated their 10th Anniversary.



The Outdoor Advertising Association of America Obie Awards selected TDA Advertising and Design’s campaign for client FirstBank as Best of Show…. Heinrich Hispanidad, the Hispanic advertising agency subsidiary of Heinrich Relationship Marketing celebrated its tenth anniversary…. The Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association elected JON VANDERWAL, Henry Wurst Inc., as president… Production design studio Mrs. K, was acquired by Creative Director JEANNE KOPECK and Executive Producer PETER THRON…  STEVE KOLOSKUS, Principal of Extra Strength Marketing, received the Art Directors Club of Denver Legacy Award…. SHERRY GRAHAM joined Tewell Warren Printing as an Account Executive…. Weise Communications added Messerschmidt Safety Consulting to their client list…. Cohn Marketing clients were recognized at the U.S. Maxi Awards with one Gold Maxi and three Silver Maxis…. Amélie Advertising donated $1.000.00 to the Women’s Bean Project.


DAVIS GREVES, Faction Media, was elected President of the Colorado Chapter of the Business Marketing Association…. DONALD ZUCKERMAN was named as the Director of the Office of Film, Television and Media, a division of Colorado Creative Industries…. Linhart PR was named 2011 Small Business of the Year by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce…. Ad Club Denver elected JOE CONRAD, Cactus, as President…. Post Modern was recognized by Fortune Magazine and The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City as one of the nations fastest growing inner city companies…. Havey Productions received an Emmy nomination for their “Denver Union Station: Portal to Glory” video…. Linhart PR was named a winner in the 2011 Top Small Company Workplace by Inc. Magazine… MGA Communications moved to new offices at 1999 Broadway after 23 years at 1125 17th St…. TALEE CROWE was named Director of Member Services by the Printing Industry Association – Mountain States.

Any thing after 2011 is not yet history.

In this article