BMA Lunch Attendees Learn Why You Should Keep it Simple

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On Wednesday, April 13, the Colorado Chapter of the Business Marketing Association lunch at the Brown Palace Hotel featured JASON CIESLAK, President, Pacific Rim, Siegel+Gale, detailing why you must keep your business information simple for customers and prospects. (Pictured are Tricia Akins, BMA Co-Program Chair; Speaker Jason Cieslak, and Darrol Moorhead, BMA Executive Director.)

If your website is confusing, forms difficult to complete or you make it hard for customers to do business with you, the sales becomes much more difficult. Think about what you have to go through with some companies, particularly telecoms, and how difficult it is to use their services, then look at your own systems. Do you keep it simple for your customers? Siegel+Gale consult with many top companies on how to keep their things simple for their customers.

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