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Interview with Jeff Perry | CEO, Primary Photographer  & Nick Perry | Partner, Photographer Rocky Mountain Photography LLC


TAP| What do you love most about this project and client?

JP| Rocky Mountain Photography (RMP) began the process of documenting the growth and development with one of Denver’s newest high-rises, 16 Chestnut, back in June of 2016 before construction had begun. We love feeling like we are an important part of the city, telling the story of it’s development from the sky. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide terrific marketing material for Colorado companies who are the best at what they do, while also having the privilege of having a cover photo and photo spread with a publication and magazine as distinguished as Building Dialogue from the Colorado Real Estate Journal two years after we started this project.

TAP| What was the most unexpected element of the project?

JP| An interesting coincidence came together when 4 separate clients of RMP all had photography needs relating to the same building. A part from two years of aerial progress from a plane, we were commissioned to photograph a luxury residential condo across the DaVita bridge with an excellent view of the exterior. While standing on the balcony of this residential property, we captured the image that would end up gracing the Building Dialogue magazine’s cover. While we were commissioned to produce drone aerials of the property, Nick captured a beautiful, clear reflection of the Rocky Mountains in the western facing glass exterior of 16 Chestnut. While he was flying the drone, we were able to tie a 4th client to the project, Superior Roofing, as they had been subcontracted to install the roof of the new build. 

TAP| What did you learn working on this project or with this customer?

JP| Something we observed, from this site as well as others, is that the development of a commercial building is an excellent metaphor for any serious undertaking that requires significant upfront investment without a visible payoff. Our team refined and grew our expertise in conducting aerial photography of construction sites throughout Colorado. We were proud to work with such excellent companies to tell the story of 16 Chestnut’s development from both the ground & sky.

TAP| What did you learn working on this project or with this customer?

JP| It has strengthened our company’s and our team’s bond with the city of Denver, having flown over downtown once a month for 27 months in a row and matched up the same images every flight, it’s brought our team closer to feeling like we are a part of the beating heart of this thriving city and state.

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