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Justin Kraft | Founder and CEO | Cast Influence

TAP| What do you at Cast Influence that nobody else does?

JK| We were seeing a huge gap created by cookie-cutter marketing consultancies trying to apply the same processes and strategies to everyone. One of our unique strengths is public relations is rooted in our approach.

Public relations is a powerful tool for start-ups and small businesses trying to compete and for those looking to protect or enhance their reputations with and through the press. Our PR team analyzes our client’s products, services, and team to find positive messages and interesting stories to convey – and then translates those messages into positive press. This causes a halo effect for marketing by providing content to promote, a strong back-linking strategy for SEO and positive endorsements to share on social media.

Our emphasis on public relations led us to develop and produce the InfluenceNow podcast where we interview leaders across marketing, crypto, e-commerce, consumer tech and media who offer their perspective on what it’s like running a business today. Through the podcast, we provide listeners with insight into topics like drone regulations and cryptocurrency / Bitcoin. Influencers we feature on the podcast share how they are changing the game and overcame tough business challenges. Influence Now serves as our positive public relations medium. TAP PODCAST Justin Kraft The About Pages

TAP| What was the coolest element of the Podcast project?

JK| The most exciting thing about Cast Influence and the InfluenceNow podcast is getting the opportunity to meet the amazing business leaders who are striving to improve and inspire others. Leaders like Hans Hultgren and John Carpenter, who co-founded Global Blockchain Summit right here in Denver, and Jaclyn Fu who co-founded a body positive e-commerce company. I have learned so much from these conversations. We’re proud to share their stories and hopefully inspire others to be better leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

TAP| What’s on deck?

JK| The InfluenceNow Podcast has taken off quickly, and we are now the official podcast for The Global Blockchain Summit as well as The About Pages. The sky is the limit. We feel there isn’t enough recognition given to true outside the box thinkers in the industry. If you would like to be a future guest, GET IN TOUCH.

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