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Article By Glen Emerson Morris, Tech Front Columnist

Recently, marketing campaigns are changing due to privacy legislation. As a result, inbound marketing is becoming a robust environment. There are dozens of inbound marketing services available now, ranging from low-end services like Buffer and Ahrefs, from $100 a month to high-end services like SnapApp at $3500 a month. Deciding which inbound marketing service to use is a time investment, but it will be worth it.

There are several different general types of inbound marketing software and services. These include:
        Social Media Management & Communities
        Content Creation & Collaboration
        Paid Promotion
        Marketing Automation
        Conversion Optinbound marketization
        SEO Analytics

You may not need all of these services, but the chances are you need some combination of them. So let’s consider what each service offers.

Social Media Management

As one of the largest sectors of inbound marketing, trying to manage social media can make your head spin. Services like Buffer and HootSuite integrate content management with social media for as little as $100 a month. They allow you to schedule postings and to track the performance of all your social media posts to maximize ROI. And you can track progress in real time. As cheap as these services are, they are worth a look to save you time and streamline your efforts.

Content Creation & Collaboration

These services use analytics to provide educated guesses about what marketing copy would be most likely to lead the customer to make a purchase. Inbound marketing services like SnapApp can manage thousands of documents, and select content based on a wide variety of data sources.

robotics is adding new and previously unimagined possibilities.

Paid Promotion

Pay to play is another solid way to increase the traffic and sales of your website. From major sites like Google and Yahoo, to thousands of smaller sites, traffic for your website is easy to buy. The trick is getting the right traffic, and intricate targeting is one of the benefits paid promotion can provide.

Two of the largest paid promotion services are Outbrain and Taboola. Outbrain reaches an audience of 557 Million every month, including 80% of the world’s leading brands, including CNN, Microsoft and McDonalds. Taboola reaches 400 million monthly unique visitors and serves 1.5 billion recommendations each day.
Marketing automation is primarily software based, but the development of robotics is adding new and previously unimagined possibilities. In the near future, many more manual marketing chores will be automated. For instance, camera-equipped drones could be programmed to automatically create a complete set of photos of a house or car for sale.

Conversion Optimization

Traffic on your site is essential, but if you can’t convert that traffic to revenue producing sales, what’s the point of the website. Fortunately, there are several SEO conversion optimization services available. Optimizely, for instance, allows users to quickly create variations of a web page and track how customers respond to the different versions. Sniply, lets you add a call to action on any page, in addition to tracking conversions. Their packages range from $29/month to $299/month.

SEO Optimization

As a critical aspect of inbound marketing, SEO demands the requirements and content marketing fulfils them. One of the leading SEO optimization services is Yoast. Yoast runs on more than 4 million WordPress sites, and on 9.5% of the top 1 million sites in the world. Another top SEO optimization service is Google Keyword planner, which is a combination of two earlier tools, Google Keyword Tool and AdWords Traffic Estimator. This is free, but other Google services that integrate with it do cost.
Currently, inbound marketing is a work in progress and we have only scratched the surface. In the future, advances in the fields of artificial intelligence and computing power will have a major effect on the capability and efficiency of inbound marketing. Long term, the cost of inbound marketing will come down in cost.

Like most new technologies, internet marketing will either grow randomly, or grow consciously. We can either respond passively, and just take what we are given, or we can consider what we need and lay the foundations for our preferred future now.

In the next decade or two it will be possible, both technologically and economically, to provide incoming customers with a unique sales pitch, customized entirely for them, and them alone. Ideally, AI could be used to create and deliver a compelling argument for any product or service.

How long it will take to get to that point is up to us.


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