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Let's create a personalized social media strategy to engage your target market, foster a community among your clients and empower your Team! Who doesn't want that?

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What is Micro-Burst Coaching?

Micro-Burst Coaching is 90-minute Bursts to get a job done.  Whether it’s your LinkedIn Profile or your Instagram Business Page, we will get it completed in those 90 minutes! Micro-Bursts are done on-line from the comfort of your home office or the park.  We will use WebX to work together. Not only will we complete your task, get it off the To-Do list and create something remarkable, you will also get the recording, cheat sheets, Live video tips and access to a Clients Only Private Group where you can ask questions and get feedback. Want a FREE Discovery session?  OR Are you ready to sign up for your Micro-Burst Coaching Session?  Connect and let’s get your FREE Discovery Call booked!

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