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The relationships we build are priceless

After leading the creation of Fort Collins SIGs, Logan Hale was the first VP of Northern Colorado for the Colorado AMA. He is the Owner and Creative Director of V3 Media Marketing, a commercial video production, and marketing company. V3 Media specializes in helping companies promote their brands, products, and services with modern marketing techniques that leverage the power of video across a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

TAP| What would you say most motivated you to assume the role of president?

LH| For five years, I have had such a great experience as a member and volunteer with AMA Colorado. It was a great honor to be asked to serve as President. It felt like a natural way to step up my involvement in the organization and an opportunity to learn and practice more leadership skills at this higher level. It continues to be extremely challenging and rewarding at all times.

TAP| In regards to COAMA, what goals or projects are you most excited or passionate about?

LH| As President of AMA Colorado, it’s exciting to take on the challenge of leading a 300+ person organization and work alongside the talented, passionate volunteers on our Board of Directors.
Part of our mission is built around the philosophy – #BuildingGreatRelationships. This mantra shapes how we see the value of our membership, our sponsorship, our events and our own commitment to volunteering together. The relationships we build and take away from our AMA experience are priceless.

TAP| Why is it relevant for companies to support their employees in their desire to volunteer for business organizations?

LH| As marketers in Colorado, getting connected and educated through the American Marketing Association is a smart and affordable way for businesses of all sizes to support their employees. The badge of credibility you get as a member and the support you get from our professional community offers a clear return on the investment. It’s the access to building a solid network of professional connections that elevates marketers and their companies at all levels.

TAP| How can readers support you?

LH| Join us at an upcoming event to get a better sense of what AMA Colorado offers for you and your team. Events are best found at We usually have at least one after-work Industry Mixer event and one educational event every month. We look forward to connecting with you there!LoganHale Vandenoever Colorado American Marketing Association COAMA The About Pages

Logan Hale | President | June 2017-May 2018 | American Marketing Association Colorado

Twitter: @ColoradoAMA
Facebook: COAMA
LinkedIn: company/27198864

V3 Media

Youtube: V3MediaMarketing
Facebook: V3MediaMarketing
LinkedIn: loganhale

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