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Stage & Audience Both Packed with Pros

Social Media Day Denver is one of my favorite days of the year. There were many things I loved about the event this year that we held on Friday, June 29, 2018 which was the day before the worldwide Social Media Day (set by Mashable in 2010) that is June 30th.  Community building has always been a top priority for the event. We were honored and so privileged to host more than 200 attendees and such an amazing line-up of more than 18 inspiring and informational speakers and panelists from around the front-range and the country. This year’s local business leaders, sponsors, vendors and food trucks we had throughout the entire event showcased the power of making connections and the importance of bringing together our community.

Shawn Teasley, Debra Jason, Amy Cochran Westbrook, and Aimee Skillin SMDD Social Media Day Denver The About Pages
SMDAYDEN18 Volunteers Shawn Teasley, Debra Jason, Amy Cochran Westbrook, and Aimee Skillin. Photo by Anne Barhyte.

Mile High Station is a beautiful historic Denver venue that was the perfect vibe and the space was ideal for networking, sponsor booth interaction, VIP lounges and a pop-up photo studio for complimentary headshots for all attendees. Denver has a tight-knit business and entrepreneurial community. Social Media Day Denver celebrates bringing us all together to network and learn. The rally cry of the day was #PressTheDamnButton -check it. The conversation and connection was on fire all day while we tracked the buzz on our INFLUENCER LEADER BOARD which is still live – join in the conversation.

Erin Cell SMDD Social Media Day Denver The About Pages

Erin Cell, Socially Powered

Facebook: SMDayDenver
Instagram: smdaydenver
Twitter: erincell
LinkedIn: socially-powered

anne barhyte smdayden18 The About PagesAnne Barhyte
Photographer of Life, LLC
Facebook: photographeroflife
Instagram: annebarhyte
Twitter: annebarhyte

Joel Comm Social Media Day Denver 2018 Emcee The About Pages

Joel Comm, Event Emcee

Co-Host of the World’s Top Bitcoin Podcast – The Bad Crypto Podcast | 15 published books | More than 40 ebooks | Featured columnist for Inc, Forbes, Social Media Examiner and Entrepreneur

Keynote Speakers

laura pence social media day denver 2018 The About PagesLaura Pence Atencio

Social Savvy Geek Radio Show reaches around 240K | Publisher of 10 Tips to Build Your Twitter Tribe which has been published both online and in print in the US, Australia and New Zealand

viveka von rosen Social Media Day Denver 2018 Keynote Speaker The About Pages

Viveka Von Rosen

“LinkedIn Expert” for the official Sales & Marketing blogs & “Sophisticated Marketer’s” Guides | Contributor Fast Company, Forbes, Money, and Entrepreneur | Best-Selling Author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day & LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand!”

Carrie Gotshalk social media day denver 2018 Speaker The About Pages

Carrie Gotschalk

Facebook Marketing Specialist, Speaker, Advertiser & Consultant | Chatbot Building Expert | Leading the social media revolution for 10+ years | Managing more than $10 million dollars in ad-spend

Brian Johnson Keynote Speaker Social Media Day Denver 2018 The About Pages
Brian Johnson

Over 31K YouTube subscribers with thousands of views on his videos | 2 time author | More than 15 years of Google & YouTube SEO Optimization experience | Millions of dollars in sales generated

Facebook Marketing Panelists

Andrea Vahl Inc Facebook Marketing Panelist The About Pages
Andrea Vahl
Andrea Vahl Inc

Nik Scott Facebook Marketing Panelist The About Pages
Nik Scott
Scott Media

Bailey Birk Facebook Marketing Panelist The About Pages
Bailey Birk
Booyah Advertising

Brian Peters Facebook Marketing Panelist The About Pages
Brian Peters
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