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Are you stuck with a dozen marketing mediums that all are spinning in different directions? Is your collateral collecting dust, because you have no idea where to start to update it? Let me help you wrangle in your brand. I have developed and managed creative and marketing strategies for a 15 multi-media brand portfolio and worked with 1000s of advertising clients and 100s of non profits from every end of the business spectrum. What I love most is working with new and/or small businesses or in-house marketing teams that need someone with 20+ years of experience, because they need someone who can look at their business with a 360 perspective. I guide, shape, coach, protect, and nudge (ok push) businesses to get to kickass.

Kickass Marketing specializes in get down to the nitty gritty tactics and projects with challenging budgets. Looking for a passion infuser that can light a fire under any sales force or marketing team? Let us bring to your table actionable ideas and simple, yet sophisticated strategies that all go after revenue or reach. I am your team and my team is your team, because we thrive on taking our client’s success personally.

Marketing isn’t magic, it’s a formula. Let’s connect and get started!

Carleen Clearwater
Denver Business Design Consulting, LLC

Hi, I’m Jeff Daigle, and I’m the founder of Denver Business Design Consulting (dbdc to its friends). For over 20 years I’ve designed, built, and tested web sites, brands, databases, desktop & web apps, and buildings, and worked in industries including higher education, architecture firms, international software companies, and tech startups. I’m a licensed Architect and a member of the Academy of Handmade Artists and Supporters.

Now, as a small business owner myself, my goal is to help artists, makers, and small businesses grow their revenue, reduce their workload, and achieve their dreams of making a living by doing what they love.

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Jeff Daigle
Reality Focused Dynamics, LLC

Reality Focused Dynamics is a service organization helping you drive yourself, your career and your company toward Success Focused Solutions; saving you time and money.

We will help you improve your company pitch, your company story, your one-minute elevator speech and improve every instance you connect with your customer so they will to call you again and again.

We help you achieve long-term success; personally and professionally, by updating or creating on-going success with the Realities Defined; Focused Solutions and receiving Dynamic Results; Eliminate procrastination and frustration by improving your advertising, branding, marketing and presentations.

We focus on keeping you top of your world, personally and professionally, by breaking all your issues down to understand the true realities of every situation so the solutions become very real and reachable too. Are you reaching your customers with the information they need to understand what you can do for them?

If you want to improve your customer contact and grow your customer base, call us today to show your customer the quality you provide and the quality they deserve.

“You can keep your problem or create a solution. Let me help you with the solution! ©”

Reality Focused Dynamics – “Creating solutions one reality at a time! ©”
Mark Entrekin