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Pixels With Purpose

Pixels With Purpose is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our services include website design and development, SEO / Local Search, Content Marketing, Interactive Media, Marketing Automation / Email Campaign, and eCommerce.

Our purpose is to help you grow your business. Forget the buzz…what’s the bottom line in digital marketing?
It’s easy to get caught up in the hype: digital transformation, breakthrough technology, artificial intelligence and more to come.
But we do digital differently. For us, every Pixel has a Purpose. That means every digital marketing activity is aligned with your organization’s most important goals — brand building, engagement, subscriptions, revenue growth.We strive to make digital marketing measurable and meaningful.

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Pixels With Purpose
Alan Markowitz
Reality Focused Dynamics, LLC

Reality Focused Dynamics is a service organization helping you drive yourself, your career and your company toward Success Focused Solutions; saving you time and money.

We will help you improve your company pitch, your company story, your one-minute elevator speech and improve every instance you connect with your customer so they will to call you again and again.

We help you achieve long-term success; personally and professionally, by updating or creating on-going success with the Realities Defined; Focused Solutions and receiving Dynamic Results; Eliminate procrastination and frustration by improving your advertising, branding, marketing and presentations.

We focus on keeping you top of your world, personally and professionally, by breaking all your issues down to understand the true realities of every situation so the solutions become very real and reachable too. Are you reaching your customers with the information they need to understand what you can do for them?

If you want to improve your customer contact and grow your customer base, call us today to show your customer the quality you provide and the quality they deserve.

“You can keep your problem or create a solution. Let me help you with the solution! ©”

Reality Focused Dynamics – “Creating solutions one reality at a time! ©”
Mark Entrekin