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Are you stuck with a dozen marketing mediums that all are spinning in different directions? Is your collateral collecting dust, because you have no idea where to start to update it? Let me help you wrangle in your brand. I have developed and managed creative and marketing strategies for a 15 multi-media brand portfolio and worked with 1000s of advertising clients and 100s of non profits from every end of the business spectrum. What I love most is working with new and/or small businesses or in-house marketing teams that need someone with 20+ years of experience, because they need someone who can look at their business with a 360 perspective. I guide, shape, coach, protect, and nudge (ok push) businesses to get to kickass.

Kickass Marketing specializes in get down to the nitty gritty tactics and projects with challenging budgets. Looking for a passion infuser that can light a fire under any sales force or marketing team? Let us bring to your table actionable ideas and simple, yet sophisticated strategies that all go after revenue or reach. I am your team and my team is your team, because we thrive on taking our client’s success personally.

Marketing isn’t magic, it’s a formula. Let’s connect and get started!

Carleen Clearwater
Pixels With Purpose

Pixels With Purpose is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our services include website design and development, SEO / Local Search, Content Marketing, Interactive Media, Marketing Automation / Email Campaign, and eCommerce.

Our purpose is to help you grow your business. Forget the buzz…what’s the bottom line in digital marketing?
It’s easy to get caught up in the hype: digital transformation, breakthrough technology, artificial intelligence and more to come.
But we do digital differently. For us, every Pixel has a Purpose. That means every digital marketing activity is aligned with your organization’s most important goals — brand building, engagement, subscriptions, revenue growth.We strive to make digital marketing measurable and meaningful.

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Pixels With Purpose
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