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The Review Marketing October 2016
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by Sallie Burnett

20 Facebook for Business Marketing Tips

Facebook marketing is a strategic business promotion tactic. With 1.71 billion monthly active users (as of July 2016), Facebook has a dominant market presence that will benefit your business.

Using Facebook for business is important, but managing that marketing presence is imperative. Start with just one Facebook tip or dive right in and spend some time developing your page and getting to your audience quickly and easily.

Drive visitors to your website, engage and interact with them, and convert them into active sales leads and customers by optimizing your Facebook page with the following tips:

  1. Create a business page, not a personal profile, for Facebook marketing. The two types of Facebook presences work differently. And Facebook’s Terms of Service prohibit using a personal account to represent a business.
  2. Customize your business Facebook page URL. When you first create a business page, it will have a randomly assigned number at the end of the URL. You will want to change that to your business name or motto.
  3. Don’t forget a cover photo when you use Facebook for business. A great cover photo draws in visitors and makes them want to stay on your page and come back for more. Periodically change your cover to reflect your business.
  4. Include an engaging profile picture that’s 180 pixels by 180 pixels. This could be a photo of you as a business owner or entrepreneur, a photo of your top product, or your company logo.
  5. Write a descriptive “About” section to introduce visitors to your business and let them know exactly what you can do for them.
  6. A little known Facebook tip is to add milestones if your business has won awards, has made announcements or press releases, or has other accolades.
  7. Use the Call to Action button to encourage visitors to buy or visit your website and link to web pages with products and services. Let them know what actions they can take as your customers and make it easy for them to do so.
  8. Create custom page tabs that let you direct visitors to specific activities in your Facebook page. Facebook provides Timeline, About, Photos, Likes and More tabs but you can add even more tabs to encourage visitors to stay on your page.
  9. Be responsive and earn the “Very Responsive to Messages” badge to let your users know your business cares about their needs and their concerns.
  10. Optimize your posting times for the highest engagement with your brand. Although there are studies about optimal posting times such as 3:00pm on Wednesdays, as well as Thursdays and Fridays, test posting times for yourself to find out what works best for you and your brand.
  11. Got a business blog? Post blog content of interest and value to your audience. Your blog does double duty and reaches far more viewers when you post it to your business Facebook page.
  12. Post lots of photos, videos, infographics, and other visual material. Not only does it get better engagement, but it also auto-populates the “photos” and “videos” tabs on your page, giving visitors more to do when they visit your page. A Hubspot study found that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.
  13. Format your images properly for the best presentation. Check out Facebook’s guide for images, but be sure to use these common formats. Cover photo’s should be 851 px wide by 315 px tall and profile images should be 180 px wide by 180 px tall.
  14. Be sure to post videos, and consider how to use Facebook Live, a live streaming video feature that lets you post live video feed on your page. Facebook Live lets you see comments and likes in real time from viewers while sharing product and service information or business events with live video. Facebook now sees 100 million hours of daily video watch time. Videos earn the highest rate of engagement, despite only making up 3% of content
  15. Use creative posts to highlight your employees, new products or services, or company’s history. For instance, Throwback Thursday posts for photos of your early days in business help your audience get to know and understand your business better.
  16. Use the Admin Panel on your business Facebook page to access Facebook Insights. Learn what posts get the most likes and shares to continuously improve on engagement.
  17. Keep consistent posting by preparing and scheduling posts in advance so you never miss an opportunity to engage your audience. 49% of users like a Facebook page to support a brand they like and they look forward to hearing from you.
  18. Make it easy for your followers to show how much they like your page and your business by adding social media buttons. The Facebook Like Box, Follow Button, and Share Button all give your followers the ability to easily push your posts out to their friends and family, extending your social media reach and influence.
  19. Use Facebook advertising to extend your reach beyond your current followers and get more eyes on your page and posts.
  20. Promote your page in your other social media, on your website, and in any print materials such as business cards, postcards, invoicing, and signage.

How Brands are Using Snapchat for Business

If you are at all familiar with the marketing potential that a platform like Twitter offers, then you will be more than impressed with the possibilities of using snapchat for business. Snapchat has more active users then LinkedIn, Pinterest, and twitter.

For a long time, the social media giants Facebook and Twitter have occupied the top spots for most active social media sharing users; Snapchat, while it younger than both of them, has managed to surpass Twitter. Naturally, the savviest marketers have made an effort to take advantage of the unquestionable potential that Snapchat offers for marketing success. The following techniques are just a few of the ways that Snapchat can be utilized for more effective online marketing campaigns.

User-sponsored Campaigns

One of the more unconventional Snapchat marketing techniques that has shown a proven record of success is the user-sponsored campaign method. Much like how an extremely popular Twitter or Facebook page might be able help a brand by lending some its exposure, retailers and brands can benefit from having popular Snapchat users being involved in their campaigns.

The halo effect of extremely popular Snapchat users has the power to give hundreds of thousands of views and followers to any brand that strategically chooses the right users to support its Snapchat campaign. Capitalizing on the excitement of the 2016 Super Bowl game, PepsiCo-owned Gatorade released a Super Bowl Snapchat lens that let anyone give themselves a Gatorade bath.

Live Event Promotional Event Sharing

Because of the nature of Snapchat, the app can be used to allow users to get a live eye on promotional events that would otherwise be inaccessible to them beyond photographs and videos taken after the event.

Because Snapchat allows users to see things live, brands can reward their followers with the privilege of allowing them to see clips of things that are currently underway, rather than sharing photos and videos after the fact. Giving the followers an exclusive live look at special events opens up brand-new potential for user engagement.

Live Product Demonstrations

In addition to being able to give users a live perspective on ongoing events, products may also be effectively demonstrated through Snapchat as well. For decades, businesses have been able to share the value of the products through campaigns specifically meant to demonstrate the functionality of the product.

When using Snapchat for business, the credibility of any claim supporting a product can be boosted by giving a live demonstration through the application. Rather than hoping customers will be persuaded by copy or video footage, Snapchat can be used to offer and instantly verifiable example of just what a product looks like and is capable of; this allows the value of products to be shared with users more authentically.

Example Snapchat Campaigns

U.S. Tennis Association

The U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) is raising awareness for the U.S. Open tournament with a new campaign called “You In?”  A Snapchat geo-filter launched within Times Square to build engagement and share the “You In?” messaging.


Taco Bell, Trojan Condoms, Orbit gum and the Truth anti-smoking campaign ran ads in the Live Stories and worked with MTV to produce other Snapchat content during the Video Music Awards.

Honey Bunches Of Oats

While television continues as a core component, the Post Foods brand is also experimenting with new platforms — including Snapchat’s Snap Ads Between Friends and TV Sync, a solution that syncs social media ads with TV programming.

The growth that Snapchat has experienced in a single year has been more dramatic than the growth in Twitter users in four years altogether. It would be rational to predict that the growth in Snapchat users won’t be indefinitely meteoric, but if the growth potential does continue to scale upwards even marginally, then Snapchat marketing will continue to be highly effective and lucrative for all who are able to employ these techniques successfully.

Sallie Burnett, president of Customer Insight Group, Inc., created an innovative, specialized approach to power social media marketing for business. Companies choose Customer Insight Group because, as one of Colorado’s first social media agencies, we know how to turn business objectives into realities in creative, strategic and measurable ways. Explore how Customer Insight Group can help you increase sales and build profitable customer relationships by visiting or by calling 303-422-9758 today.

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