Inside this edition: The About Pages – VOL 2 | ISSUE 3 | Q4 | 2018

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Welcome to The About Pages: Q4 | 2018

Carleen Clearwater Publisher The About PagesYou can get to the top alone. But damn, who ya gonna high five?

Welcome to the Q4 | 2018 edition of The About Pages. We’ve curated more than 50 incredible Colorado pros for you to connect with right now.

In addition to our regular collection of badass individuals and teams doing stellar work, we’re super psyched to introduce you to 8 local leaders that are at the helm of some of Colorado’s integral business organizations. Our first Meet The Prez section is on the pages, and we can’t wait for you to meet these pros that are ponying up their time and talents to help our community – and all of us in it – thrive.

Let me pull up my soapbox. I served on the American Advertising Federation Colorado Springs board over a decade ago. Straight up other than the coveted ADDYs, I didn’t have a clue what they did or their importance other than being my ticket to a super fancy party where we all chased super super shiny trophies. While at The Gazette, I joined the board via invitation of a colleague, Jeff Moore. From my first board meeting, I was in awe and addicted. Surrounded by complete rockstars who loved what they did and brought their A game to the table, I was in idea brainstorming, knowledge munching, networking, creative juice heaven. AAFCOS gave me my cape, and I’ve been charging on for the cause like a cheetah chasin’ down dinner ever since.

But, it wasn’t till after being on the board and even president of AAFCOS that I knew the bennies for being involved. It was also after I was on the board for Colorado AMA that I knew the #1 benefit of being involved with these orgs. I’ll give you a hint. CONNECTION. Yes, you learn stuff at lunches and pack your brain at conferences, but the nitty-gritty, no joke, get out from behind your desk and go out there and plug in right now reason is – HUMAN CONNECTION.

We’ve all asked the question, “How in the hell did I get here?” The answer is “Not alone.” Wholeheartedly I can connect every kickass milestone and big ah-hah moment to the strength of my Rolodex. My AAFCOS team rallied and cheered me when I launched my biz with nothin’ but 12 self-printed cards and a name tag. And, I met Ken Custer previous publisher of the mag at a Colorado AMA mixer. Most importantly, I can connect all the boot strappin’ pull myself outta the funk moments to my network. Yes, I cheerlead for in-person pow wows, but the connectariffic digital age we live in allows us to have legit cohorts and motivators anywhere and everywhere and anytime we need them.

Carleen and Jade with Justin Ahrens
Asst. Creative Director Jade Dacus and I rockin’ our name tags with speaker Justin Ahrens of Rule 29 at AIGA COS event. Hearing him speak about doing work that matters in a room packed with people doing that very thing … That’s all the juice you need to Get. To. Work.

Testify! So, after literally more than 4k (yes thousands) of volunteer man-hours with orgs I will swear to you — it is so so worth it. Being involved has shaped me, my business, my career and now my magazine. So grab a stack of those dang business cards that are collecting dust and get out there. You don’t gotta go all Carleen-style crazy, but one hour here and there will come back to you tenfold. Link arms not just contacts. Share what you’re about. Listen to what someone else is about. Together the work is way more kickass.

Tell me more about you,

Carleen Clearwater
Publisher, The About Pages

The About Pages magazine Q4 | 2018

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