Inside this edition: The About Pages – VOL 2 | ISSUE 2 | Q3 | 2018

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Welcome to The About Pages: Q3 | 2018

Carleen Clearwater Publisher The About Pages Welcome to the Q3 | 2018 edition of The About Pages. We have curated more than 62 incredible Colorado pros for you to connect with in this edition. These individuals and teams are out their slayin’ it and elevating our thriving marketing, advertising, public relations and media industries and I can not wait for you to learn what they are about.

Full disclosure – as I am sitting down and writing this letter I realize that it is the 1 Year Anniversary of the magazine. Oops. Probably shoulda known that before this literal last minute and then just maybe work that into the magazine somehow or at least mention it in the video? Cripes%*$#@$!

Actually, the snafu of NOT embracing our anniversary is fitting. This edition we are going all in on the philosophy of giving ourselves the space and time to focus on the work – DO the work, because it is as important as the final product. Of course, there is a fine line, like super fine point Sharpie kinda fine line between sweatin’ all the details and just pulling the trigger and getting to market. “Perfect can kill the possible,” shared David Slayden at August’s Caffeinated Mornings chat. Pow. He said it, and it was the reminder I needed to celebrate the incredible batch of pros we have gathered for you to connect with and hit upload for the Ezine. At the same time, I had to trust myself that I made the right choice to wait until 2/3 of the way through the quarter to publish, because we are not just trying to jam out content, we are working to cultivate community.

And honestly, the idea of having to re-record my publisher’s video AGAIN to get in the 1-year milestone…I would rather stick a fork in my eye.

Quick note: Be sure to watch my publisher’s video for the 411 on Caffeinated Mornings -they’re one of this quarter’s #TAPinto crew. Uh, not too mention it took me like 20 tries and it would be awesome if you watched it.

Aaaaaaah! You’ve been there right? You know those tasks that should take a few minutes, but they end up taking hours and jack up your whole schedule? Then I stress. Then I go down the rabbit hole on YouTube watching “How to add a logo to my video” videos for half the night. Luckily, thanks to Brian Fanzo, I still have “#PressTheDamnButton” wringing in my ears from Social Media Day Denver 2018. So again, I psyched myself up – and pressed the damn publish button.

Kickass news x 2: First, our Creative Director Liz had a baby:) Second, our new Assistant Creative Director, Jade Dacus (click here to connect with her on LinkedIn) joined the team in July. She is a legit example of the young talent that is flooding our industry. She straight up graduated High School and College the same month this year. I am so impressed by how quickly she jumped in, put pedal to the metal and helped us crack out this edition and all the while layering on her flavor.

Be sure to follow us on social for the celebration details for our 1 Year Anniversary. We’d love to clink a glass with you and learn more about you. And if you hear that nagging voice of the self-doubt monster yackin’ away every once in a while as I do – CONNECT with me or one of the pros on our pages to reboot and tell the monster to put a sock in it.

Tell me more about you,

Carleen Clearwater
Publisher, The About Pages

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